Seeking Music Director for Smyrna Presbyterian Church!

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Seeking Music Director for Smyrna Presbyterian Church!

Postby careerservices » Wed May 11, 2022 5:42 pm

Smyrna Presbyterian Church in Smyrna, GA is seeking a Music Director!

To assist, direct, and disciple the body of believers at Smyrna Presbyterian Church to worship and be worshippers by offering psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with musical excellence to the glory of God.

Primary Responsibilities:
Directing & Overseeing
• Select and prepare worship music for weekly Sunday morning and evening worship in conjunction with the pastoral staff.
• Conduct choir rehearsals, a choral anthem, and any additional music needed.
• Promote and increase participation in the choir and music ministry of the church.
• Oversee and direct all musicians during Sunday worship services and rehearsals including vocalists and instrumentalists, which includes piano, organ, strings, brass, etc.
• Secure and oversee additional musicians (as needed) for corporate worship.
• Prepare music and direction for special non-Sunday worship services or events such as Maundy Thursday Service, Christmas Eve Service, and any special Christmas programs.

Discipling & Educating:
• Foster a desire in the congregation for personal and congregational growth to be worshippers through teaching, writing, and modeling what that biblically entails.
• Increase a growing appreciation for a diversity of musical traditions, both past and present, that remains committed to theologically rich and congregationally singable songs.
• Help to inculcate music in the life and fellowship of the church.

• Provide anthem titles, lyrics, and any other information to the church Administrative Assistant for inclusion in the Sunday worship bulletin and monthly newsletter.
• Maintain, curate, and grow the Church’s music library, ensuring that all music used for worship adheres to and does not conflict with Holy Scripture, the Church’s Statement of Faith, and/or the standards outlined in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Larger and Shorter Catechisms.
• Keep pastoral staff, deacons, and others informed of music budgetary needs and ministry opportunities.

The Music Director shall:
1. Be a visionary leader with a shepherd’s heart.
2. Desire to work in collaboration with others to build and enhance a music ministry.
3. Have strong musical gifts that foster excellence, encompassing a variety of church hymnody both ancient and modern.
4. Possess strong communication and people skills, with a friendly demeanor.
5. Have a bachelor’s degree or higher in music performance, music composition, music education, and/or church music. (preferred but not required)

Nature and Scope:
1. The Music Director will be supervised and directed by the Senior Pastor and serve at the pleasure of the Church Session.
2. We envision the position will begin part-time, with a possible future move to full-time as the church and music ministry develop.

Smyrna Presbyterian Church (the “Church”) is a religious employer and the Music Director position serves a core ministerial function of the Church, leading in the corporate worship of Almighty God. As such, to be eligible to hold the position of Music Director, one must:
1. Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ;
2. Affirm their agreement with the Church’s Statement of Faith as approved and amended from time to time by the Session of the Church;
3. Affirm their agreement to abide by the Church’s Code of Christian Conduct as approved and amended from time to time by the Session of the Church; and
4. Belong to, faithfully attend, and support the Church.
5. Uphold the mission of the Church.

Smyrna Presbyterian Church gathers together to:
Know and worship the Triune God
Grow in the covenant family of God as reformed disciples
Show forth the love of Christ as servants and witnesses
For the Glory of God.

They are accepting resumes through the website at
Position Contact: Deborah Eppinger, Admin Assistant
Phone: 770.435.2251
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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